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A Passion for Artistry

Forged Elegance is a company located in Bend, Oregon and born from a passion for handmade, unique items. Paul Shepherd’s determination drove his creativity to new heights.  As Paul explored different elements using chemical reaction and heat, he was able to expand his knowledge and love for the trade.  With the support of his family, Paul has continued his passion for artistry using a combination of antique barnwood paired with forged steel that generates an elegant product. Forged Elegance has transformed two contrasting pieces into beautiful, captivating furnishings to fill your home. This process takes an extensive amount of time, patients and strength to hammer hot metal, sand vintage barnwood to a smooth finish and weld each piece to perfection.  Forged Elegance offers an array of furniture to include; bedroom sets, couches, tables, chairs, large mirrors and one-of-a-kind pieces.  You’ll never know what Forged Elegance will dream up next.  Get in touch to learn more about the process and to see what we can do for you.



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Sofa Chair



This Sofa Chair has a wonderful and timeless design that evokes tranquility and excellence. With its grace and clean lines it will endure the ages. Call me to view it in my store, or learn more about the item. Looking for your own completely handcrafted and original Sofa Set? Call to book a consultation today.

Queen Bedroom Set



I always begin any project, even my Bedroom Sets, inspired by classic designs, even if the piece is intended to be industrial. These techniques are what ensure that your unique one-of-a-kind piece will last for years to come. To make a custom request for your unique, handmade Bedroom Sets, get in touch today.

Wooden Chairs


$455 each

Barnwood Slat Chairs are beautiful and unique. In fact, these Chairs would look stunning in an office or library setting. These artfully designed Chairs bring whimsical wood pieces down to earth with the hard steel legs. Make a request today, and inquire about other custom-made products available for immediate purchase.



Henry David Thoreau

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"



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