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Hand selected barnwood is cut to each specified dimensions and hand sanded to a very fine grit, leaving the rustic barnwood behind with a smooth finish.  Each piece is then finished using different techniques to acquire a desired look and feel to the wood.  Some desire a matte wax finish, while others prefer a glossy varnish finish.  Although very different techniques they both allow the wood grain to present a transparent visually appealing finished product. 


Cold roll steel is then used to enhance the barnwood furniture.  The cold roll steel is placed in a hot forge until it becomes red hot and malleable.  Once it reaches this consistency it is pulled from the forge with tongs and placed on an anvil where it is hammered to produce an old world look and feel.  


These two elements are what make Forged Elegance come to life.  This combination sets us apart from traditional furnishings and elevates it with history and artistry.

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